About Us

Welcome to my Gallery. Inside I have showcased my designs efforts over the past forty plus years of my life. I simply cannot imagine a day without a needle in my hand and a charming image in my mind to orchestrate my vision of something wonderful to magically transpire on the linen. Remember it is the unique method of carefully laying each and every stitch on your stitching medium that creates the beauty and clarity of whatever it is that you are creating through your needle. When it all grows up it is truly amazing what beautiful images we all deliver. It is also the most relaxing and entertaining part of my days. For the past twenty years I did not own a television, and not until recently that these “techie” devices entered my life. Without them, I am most content to just sit in one of my nests and create beautiful things. I sincerely hope you will enjoy your journey through my gallery, and invite one of my creations to visit YOUR nest to re-create for yourself, or perhaps that cherished sister, mother, friend, or just special person in your life.

May these creations provide you with endless hours of stitching pleasure and become a cherished heirloom for you and your family to enjoy for many generations.

Each needlework kit featured here is hand-assembled with great care by yours truly. Contents include: Linen (some boiled wool, silk gauze, etc.), appropriate 26 gauge and 28 gauge tapestry needles (silk gauze kits contain two No. 10 Sharps for gauze accommodations), colored photographs, complete instructions and finishing suggestions, Maureen’s gentle guide to her unique technique of stitching, history of design, Colonial Architecture, etc., easy-to-read graph with some stitch enlargements, all fibers (overdyes, cottons, silks, etc) individually number or name-tagged, and often extra stitching hints to ease your adaption. Please note “extras” included in some kits listed in the “Needlebooks, Pockets & Pouches” Gallery Room.

Always remember, any concern can easily be answered through my email:   theheartscontent4@gmail.com      Anytime!

Your Friend in Needleart,

Maureen Appleton-Sorenson