This sewing basket idea was actually created several years ago, and until I met my husband a few years ago, I was not real certain how to acquire these baskets at a reasonable enough cost to offer them to you for a class on finishing and stitching the inside of basket. With his fine woodworking skills, and my expertise in stitching and finishing, I believe we have created a most complete tool for your stitching needs. Easily travels and portable enough to handle your important stitching tools and supplies. I am so proud of his fine skills in crafting this quality box at a most reasonable cost for my class kit project. And. I am constantly reminded how much he enjoys seeing his basket at maturity. We are both proud to present to you our Shaker Style Sewing Basket.     Basket lining, Scissors Fob, NeedleBook, and Scissors Mat ALL included.                                            

Most Complete Kit Includes: Visible on back side of this kit is a complete list of kit components.

Not Included In Kit:  antique cloisonné button on needlebook, and two crystal marking pins inside needlebook. 

Most Complete Kit Includes:

  • Poplar, Birch, Ash, and Elm wooden basket created for us by Dennis Sorenson, my new husband. Hand-rubbed smooth smooth finish. No chemicals used. Ever.
  • 40-count premium Champagne 100% linen for scissors fob, needlebook, and bottom of basket design.
  • 36-count Toasted Cashew 100% linen for scissors mat/roll.

•  The Heart’s Content, Inc. Exclusive English Hare 3.5” scissors        

•  two 100% Silk Decorator Fine Fabrics. Asian Silk Toile, and         

    Richloom Puccini Silk Plaid ~ Italia!

  • all fibers, 13 DMC cotton flosses, individually number tagged               
  • extra DMC skeins for twisted cording/tassels for scissors fob, needlebook, and scissors mat/roll.                
  • SEVERAL (20) color photographs of the stitched/finished basket          

•  26 & 28 gauge tapestry needles to accommodate fine linen count.             

•  easy-to-read graphs, and tutorial, with video for finishing.                             

•  complete stitching and finishing notes to refer to post-class.                 

•  four petite glass beads for twisted cording on needlebook and pocket.

•  medium red glass bead to finish scissors fob.                                             

  • four snaps needed for attaching two of the pockets to inside of basket.         
  • 1/2” plastic ring, already wrapped with the appropriate two DMC floss colors, used to complete closure for one silk Toile pocket. (a very easy job for me to wrap these rings while recovering from foot surgery!)                                                                                            
  • vintage rayon seam binding ribbon to complete scissors mat/roll.
  • two Marking Pins; one shiny green leaf pattern; one green pearl  head to store on boiled wool strip, or in needlebook.                     

•  acid-free mat board cut to size and shape of your basket INSIDE attach your bottom stitched section/batting, etc.                   

  • warm n natural batting, already pinked to serve as the pages in your needlebook.                                  
  • fusible interfacing and batting for lining your silk and stitchery in completing the finishing of your basket.                                                   
  • an extra bundle of courage and confidence from Maureen to take on this project with lots of enjoyable stitching hours.


***Sold Seperately 

 Complete Finishing Kit with great instructions and visual diagrams of Palestrina Knot, the attractive finishing edge on scissors mat/roll. Beautiful Italian picot edging easily acquired with enclosed video.



1 - oval mat board (template)

4 - oval heavy cotton batting

1 - oval fusible interfacing

1 - box side fusible interfacing strip

4 - red seed beads (cording ends)

4 - sew-in snaps

1 - red glass bead (scissors fob)

2 - green marking pins

1 - pre-cut, pinked red wool strip

1 - 1/2” red/green floss wrapped ring

For Scissors Mat:

2 - fusible interfacing cut to size

1 - 18” length green bias ribbon

full skeins floss for Palestrina Knot

    (incl. with labeled flosses in kit)      

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Shaker Style Sewing Basket

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